Mastering Instructions

Before sending your files, please follow these instructions:

  • Leave enough headroom for the Mastering:
    • The Mixdown must not be squashed or over-compressed.
    • The Mixdown must not peak over 0 dB.
    • Preferably without a mixbus Limier or Clipper.
  • If you want a “Standard Mastering“, export your mix into one Stereo Track (WAV or AIF format).
  • If you want a “Stem Mastering“, export your mix into Stems or Instrument Groups (WAV or AIF format).
  • Your files must be at the same bit and sample rate as your project was recorded at.
  • Create one Folder for each song.
  • Each folder must contain the Stereo track or the Stems and a Text File (comments, processing on the Mixbus, gear used, reference song..).
  • Zip each folder and upload them to any sharing platform.

What additional services are included for free:

  • Stems Mastering.
  • Analogue Stemming.
  • Delivering a high quality MP3 version.
  • Delivering a WAV version for Online Streaming platforms (upon request).
  • Delivering a DDP Image or WAV version for CDs (upon request).
  • Mastering for Vinyl (upon request).


  • You pay 50% of the rate at the beginning and the remaining upon the receipt of the final product.


  • Up to 5 revisions.
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