Music & Video Production

The studio where we take care of your project FROM CONCEPTION TO THE FINAL VISUAL RELEASE !


SILVER STEEL STUDIO is a France-based studio providing high quality services related to Music & Video production. The studio is specialized in Rock and Metal music.

Being a musician myself and Metal music reviewer for years, and having learned from some of the best producers and engineers of the genre, I can easily understand your expectations and help you point your music to the right direction.

I use a hybrid setup based on analogue summing consoles, a selection of carefully chosen top analogue outboard gear, and a powerful digital rig loaded with the best plugins on the market (Click here for the complete Gearlist).

This approach allows me to take advantage of the flexibility and precision of the modern digital world combined with the warmth and character of vintage analogue gears, all in order to bring your music up to top-quality level.

No matter if you are a label, a producer, a professional or an independent artist, hit me up now and let’s discuss your project.

Yass (StudioMusic Video Production)

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A good song starts with good source materials.
I ensure capturing your best performance with high quality equipments and, if needed, an additional editing and tuning will be performed to ensure everything sounds perfect before mixing.
I will guide you during all the process.


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The art of mixing is the crucial process that turns your recorded individual tracks into a cohesive and professional songs. It adjusts your tracks in a 3D space to add Clarity, Dynamic, Width and Depth. I use a hybrid setup with top analogue outboard gears and powerful plugins.


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Mastering is the final step to polish your song and to make it sound like your favorite artists. Get a professional and competitive loud sound and bring your song quality up to music industry standards. I deliver masters for Online Streaming, CDs (Wav or DDP) and Vinyls.


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I repair, clean & enhance your recordings by:
- Tuning & time-aligning your vocals.
- Unbleeding, phase-aligning & replacing your drums.
- Cleaning, enhancing and tightening your performance.


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I process your stems via a selection of analogue gears and I pass them through an analogue summing mixer (Neve, API or Trident) and/or a vintage Tape Machine, which enhances the quality of the audio and brings up the coveted analogue warmth.
Your stems are now ready for a better mixing or mastering.


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Do you want a powerful and heavy guitar or bass tone? Send me your DI tracks and I will shape the perfect tone that matches your song using the best Kemper profiles


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Do you need to record a drummer, a keyboard player or even a full orchestra? I got you covered. I programm the lines that you need using a selection of high-quality virtual instruments, while keeping a natural sounding and humanized playing.


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Do you need a video to complement your song on streaming platforms and social media?
I create catchy and dynamic 3D animations to showcase the lyrics of your song and to accompany your music.


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I provide graphic design services like creating band Logos, album/ demo Covers, and Animated Artworks.


The studio is optimized to make online and remote collaborations easy and quick, using modern communication technologies.
You will be following your project and the revisions online just as if you were physically present in the studio.


Step 1

1. Uploading

Read the Instructions and prepare your files.
Once ready, upload your files on the page below or to any sharing website.

Step 2

2. Working

As soon as I receive the files, I take care of your project then I send you a first version for approval.

Step 3

3. Live Streaming

If revisions are needed, I send you a link for a Streaming Session.
You will be listening and watching in real-time while I'm adjusting the product, as if you were present in the studio.

Step 4

4. Delivery

You receive the final product that matches your expectations.

(Studio Music Video Production)


Sébastien Armanet
Sébastien ArmanetFrench Pop/Rock
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Yass has equipped his studio with a clever mix of digital softwares and analog machines that allow a more musical sound processing. The work of sound engineer completes the work of songwriting. The sound engineer is for sure one of the most important musicians in the band and Yass is talented and very attentive to my wishes!
AYYURBlack Metal
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Everything is perfect, I like the modifications and sincerely, I congratulate you for this very well done job, the result is impeccable, it fits with my vision perfectly.
CatharsisDoom Death Metal band
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Catharsis recommends this studio for a lot of reasons:
1) REALLY professional
2) The quality of the production and output makes beginner bands easily fit into the main stream bands !!!
3) Yass Omri is very very VERY talented when it comes to music mixing, mastering, and production.
4) Can easily understand the vision and the direction of the music being presented to the studio
5) Prices are THE BEST in the market.

I definitely recommend and will always recommend Silver Steel Studio to everyone !!
EXILEThrash Metal band
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​​"We "Exile" worked with Silver Steel Studio for almost a year, it was an amazing and challenging experience for us as a band, if you are seeking professionalism and devotion you are in the right place, I recommend working with Yass without hesitation.."
Jacek Sniecikowski
Jacek SniecikowskiAudio Producer
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​"I worked with Yass on a lyric video for Lychdom's 'Eternal Winter' song and he did a phenomenal job. Very professional, great communication and customer satisfaction as a priority. The band was very thrilled to see the final result. I'm looking forward to working together again."
Abhinav Joshua
Abhinav JoshuaPop Rock Artist
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​"Yass is a very talented mixing engineer. He pours out his heart and soul in his work and carefully listens to what artist wants in the mix. Completely satisfied by Silver Steel Studio!"
Fadi Ammar
Fadi AmmarGuitarist
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​"The process of mixing and mastering a song has never been easier thanks to Silver Steel Studio's ability to deliver exactly what the artist expects. The job was well done and on time, looking forward to work with you again!"
LYCHDOMMelodic Death Metal band
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​"The process of mixing and mastering a song has never been easier thanks to Silver Steel Studio's ability to deliver exactly what the artist expects. The job was well done and on time, looking forward to work with you again!"
SHAZAKBlack Metal band
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​​​"Very excellent job on the mixing and the artwork ! been very satisfied working with Silver Steel Studio !!!"