Silver Steel Studio


Audio Production and Graphic Design for Rock and Metal Bands


SILVER STEEL STUDIO is a France-based studio providing high quality services for Rock and Metal bands.
My services include, among others, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, logo designing and creating Lyric Videos.

Being a musician myself for more than 15 years and a Metal music Reviewer/Live reporter, I can easily understand your expectations and your desires. I use a hybrid setup based on an SSL summing console, taking advantage of the flexibility and the adaptability of the Digital world combined with the warmth and character of analog gears.

Have a look around my website and feel free to contact me for any further information.
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I provide production and post-production services like Recording, Reamping, Editing, Drums Programming, Vocal Tuning, Arranging, Songwriting & Orchestration.
(Reamping & Editing are free with a Mixing service)


The creative art of mixing is the process that takes your song to a higher level. It improves the quality of your recorded signals and adjusts them in a 3D space to add Clarity, Dynamic, Width and Depth.
I guarantee your song will sound the way you imagine it to be.


Mastering is the final step to polish your songs and to make them sound like your reference songs. Get a professional, loud sound and bring your song up to music industry standards.
I guarantee the best rendering at the same time preserving the dynamic of your music.
(Mastering is free with a Mixing service)
Gaphic Design

Graphic Design

I provide graphic design services like creating band Logos, album/ demo Covers, Animated Artworks, simple or 3D Lyric Videos, Streaming Videos and Promotional Trailers.
(Streaming Video is free with an Album mixing service)


My Audio Production works

My Graphic Design works


​​"We "Exile" worked with Silver Steel Studio for almost a year, it was an amazing and challenging experience for us as a band, if you are seeking professionalism and devotion you are in the right place, I recommend working with Yass without hesitation.."

Thrash Metal Band

​"I worked with Yass on a lyric video for Lychdom's 'Eternal Winter' song and he did a phenomenal job. Very professional, great communication and customer satisfaction as a priority. The band was very thrilled to see the final result. I'm looking forward to working together again."

Jacek Sniecikowski

​"Yass is a very talented mixing engineer. He pours out his heart and soul in his work and carefully listens to what artist wants in the mix. Completely satisfied by Silver Steel Studio!"

Abhinav Joshua
Pop/Rock Artist

​"The process of mixing and mastering a song has never been easier thanks to Silver Steel Studio's ability to deliver exactly what the artist expects.
The job was well done and on time, looking forward to work with you again!"

Fadi Ammar

​"Silver Steel Studio made an epic lyric video for us. From the very first draft that I seen it captured the feelings almost perfectly. The final product was even better capturing the aesthetic of the songs perfectly. I would love to work with Silver Steel Studio in the future!"

Melodic Death Metal Band

​​"Very excellent job on the mixing and the artwork ! been very satisfied working with Silver Steel Studio !!!"


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